Ecco - The Last Conspiracy

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How it all began? It started with a simple dialogue. A sincere connection between two shoemakers. Cue, the ECCO Leather Lab, ECCO innovation lab and Roald Nore, the creative director of THE LAST CONSPIRACY. The concept would be the inception of a new tactile sneaker. Forged with Norse understanding and fueled by contemporary Danish engineering. This is a story about matching aesthetic values with strong research and that unique shoemakers touch. The construction of each pair begins with hand-picked environmentally friendly tanned cow leather, trimmed and stitched in the highest quality footwear manufacturing process. This is a story driven by challenges, leaning on decades of experience and ability. A sole, the foundation to any piece of footwear. We constructed ours by directly injecting hot thermoplastics around an upper. A state of the art, organically engineered, expensive process unbeatable in terms of precision, capturing any subtle design intent in its most delicate detail. Sole and upper then become one. Fully integrated to offer the best fit and dynamic experience whilst sporting an essential, almost monolithic aesthetic. The result: a unique sneaker astutely composed in the North; readily roam proof. THE LAST CONSPIRACY atelier thrives on seeking out challenges, leaning on decades of experience and ability. Nothing is impossible. Ready to engage!